How Theta Chamber℠ Technology Powers Other Rehab Facilities

Theta Chamber℠ technology is highly effective when used in conjunction with other, more traditional approaches. Together, they bring significantly higher success rates for long-term addiction recovery and rehab.

Theta’s Technology is a safe, efficacious, cost-effective intervention for addictions. As such, it should be added to all addiction treatment programs.

-Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS

Theta Chamber℠ Technology Makes Traditional Treatment of Addiction More Effective

Addiction, anxiety and depression are all rooted in the complex chemical processes in the brain. According to NIDA, “Addiction changes brain circuitry, making it hard to “apply the brakes” to detrimental behaviors. In the non-addicted brain, control mechanisms constantly assess the value of stimuli and the appropriateness of the planned response. Inhibitory control is then applied as needed. In the addicted brain, this control circuit becomes impaired because of drug use and loses much of its inhibitory power over the circuits that drive responses to stimuli deemed salient.” In short, imbalanced chemistry actually overrides normal thought processes, and makes it very difficult to rationally deal with these problems. The brain will drive irrational, dangerous, and even illegal behavior under these circumstances.

For this reason, care should be taken to include treatment of brain chemistry itself as part of any addiction treatment program (see inset quote box, above).

dual diagnosis treatment centers in UtahTraditional therapies, such as individual or group counseling, are designed to help the patient deal with cravings and feelings, together with their social, emotional and psychological consequences. However, these techniques simply don’t change brain chemistry, so the patient continues to experience the negative effects of addiction, anxiety and depression while working to overcome the various surrounding issues. The patient remains addicted until the brain has established new patterns and pathways, and the old (addicted) ones have atrophied. This usually requires many years of abstinence for healing to become complete. Sometimes, it never does.

At Theta Wellness Centers, our synergistic combination of treatments cuts right to the heart of the problem, helping the brain re-establish normal function quickly and easily. Once brain chemistry is normalized, cravings, anxiety and stress subside quickly, usually in a matter of days. Our clients are then able to take full advantage of group and individual counseling and traditional therapies administered by rehabs, focusing on working through the various issues stemming from the original problem.

In sum, once the root problem itself is removed, then it’s easier to deal with the surrounding issues faster, more effectively, and more permanently. Recovery rates for patients who engage in treatment programs at rehab centers that includes Theta Chamber℠ technology have been clinically shown to be much higher – and to last much longer.

Theta’s Technology Dramatically Increases Effectiveness of Depression, Anxiety and PTSD Treatment at Other Rehabs

Traditional approaches to treatment of depression and anxiety(typically counseling, various types of social therapy, and prescription medication) can be significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with Theta Chamber℠ technology. Group and individual counseling techniques are very useful in confronting problems and dealing with stressful issues in life. These approaches help the patient understand their issues, assign them proper importance, and deal with them in healthy ways. Support groups and sponsors likewise bring valuable insights to the recovery process. These time-tested techniques, combined withTheta’s brain-focused treatment, can provide a complete, effective, long-lasting treatment protocol with outstanding results at any of the many rehab facilities.