Nutrition for Brain and Body

The vital nutrients we need for good health and optimal brain function.

All Theta Chamber℠ treatment programs include a complete nutritional supplementation regimen, designed to support healthy brain function.


Here are the components included in Theta’s nutritional protocol:

Multi Vitamin/Mineral

With over 70 nutrients in both water and fat-soluble forms, our multivitamin/mineral supplement is second to none. Ingredients include phytonutrients, antioxidants, and a complete menu of essential vitamins and minerals with their coenzymes, all in their most bioavailable forms for best absorption. These are NOT cheap, drugstore vitamins, and many of our users report feeling more energy and better health very quickly after starting this program.

The beats synchronize the cerebral hemispheres and help produce the correct conditions for neural pathway re-establishment (also known as “entrainment”). Deep relaxation during treatment is the result.


Our Greens 21 supplement includes 21 different greens, vegetables and botanicals, all highly concentrated into power form, and placed in capsules for easy dosing. This supplement is pure, high quality greens with NO fillers. If you’re not eating your full complement of vegetables every day (and who is?) this supplement will ensure you’re getting all the green nutrition you need.


As we age, our bodies become less able to produce high-quality digestive enzymes. The result is that our bodies become less efficient at digesting our food, and less able to unlock and absorb the nutrition from what we eat. Enzyme supplementation has long been recognized as the way to ensure better digestion and assimilation of nutrition. Our enzyme supplement helps ensure you receive all the nutrition you need by ensuring proper digestion and assimilation from the food you eat and the other supplements you take.


All neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are based on Amino Acid building blocks, obtained from protein. A poor protein intake robs our bodies of the essential amino acids we need–reducing our ability to produce brain chemicals in the right amounts and ratios. Rich and creamy, smooth and satisfying, our all-natural, gluten-free, low calorie, protein shake provides the complete protein you need in a convenient shake you’ll actually want to drink! You won’t find any artificial sweeteners or controversial soy protein in our shake. Just the pure nutrition your body craves.

Facts About Proper Nutrition

Poor nutrition is a widespread problem in our modern society. Processed foods, fast food, prepared foods, and junk food have all taken us far from the healthy eating habits we need to support proper brain function. Chemical contaminants, additives and preservatives also do their part to cause accumulation of toxins in our bodies–interfering with proper metabolism and nutrition. The result is that many of us are deficient in the vital nutrients we need for good health and optimal brain function.

The problem is only compounded by addiction. Those suffering from substance addictions often neglect proper food intake and become more deficient and less functional as time passes.

These are the reasons our treatment protocols at Theta Wellness Centers include a complete nutritional supplementation program, taken daily at your treatment session. Our program includes complete nutrition and provides all the important building blocks you need for proper metabolism and brain function.

Our brains are electro-chemical organs, and much of our brain function is carried on by neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), which are derived from certain critical amino acid building blocks. These amino acids are formed when proteins (which are essentially very long strings of amino acids) are broken down by certain enzymes during the digestive process. Without the foundational proteins and proper digestive enzymes, amino acid production is hampered, which in turn diminishes brain function.

Healthy brain function requires foundational proteins and certain digestive enzymes that break down those proteins into amino amino acid building blocks used to create nurotransmitters in the brain.