The Power of Synergistic Technologies

Theta’s science-based approach to neurological treatment of addictions, depression, anxiety and insomnia is nothing short of revolutionary.

Introducing the Theta Chamber℠

Delivering multiple advanced treatment technologies in a single, relaxing session.

Before you consider expensive rehab centers, see why our exclusive Theta Chamber℠ technology is the fastest, most effective, least costly way to get your life back! Each of the Theta Chamber℠ in our treatment centers deliver up to six powerful treatment protocols at once, ideal for dual diagnosis treatment, and all in a comfortable, relaxing setting.

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50+ Years of Research.

Nearly 200 scientific studies.

Our exclusive Theta Chamber℠ technology represents a breakthrough in the treatment of neurological issues such as addictions, anxiety disorders,depressive disorders, stress, PTSD, eating disorders, chronic pain and more. All in a gentle, relaxing environment that promotes lasting change and real hope.

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Introducing Whole Body Light Stimulation℠

No, it’s not a tanning bed. Just ask NASA.

Theta also uses several powerful adjunctive therapies, including Whole Body Light Stimulation℠ which NASA has shown can provide relief from high blood pressure, tissue and nerve damage, chronic and acute pain, arthritis and more. Calibrated to certain specific frequencies, Theta’s FDA cleared light bed triggers the body’s immune defenses, stimulates the production of ATP, increases blood circulation, releases endorphins, and increases collagen production to increase elasticity in the skin.

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The Brain Needs Nutrients

The brain is an electro-chemical machine, and needs certain nutrients to function properly. Theta includes in each treatment program a balanced blend ofvitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, designed to produce certain amino acids necessary for good brain health, and to promote overall physical health and well being during treatment.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Theta’s treatment programs are based on an interdisciplinary approach, and may include adjunct therapies as needed. These additional services can include assessments and evaluations by qualified providers, medical stabilization, individual and group counseling, life skills classes, support groups, foot detoxification baths, relaxation techniques, chiropractic care, aromatherapy and other modalities to complement and enhance your healing experience.